Good News For Dalhousie Students

Dalhousie student health insurance coverage is much better than most students realize, as the Dal Gazette has pointed out. The Dalhousie AIM Student VIP health insurance plan has excellent coverage for several avenues of treatment, including naturopathic medicine. Starting 2 years ago the AIM Health Group has partnered with the Dalhousie Student Union to offer top notch health insurance coverage to students when they are treated at VIP network clinics.

Essentially Free Healthcare

For clinics which are members of the AIM Student VIP Network program, including my Upper Tantallon practice at MacLeod Naturopathic, students have 100% coverage with direct billing and no co-pay! If you are a Dalhousie student and you haven’t opted out of the Dalhousie Student Union health insurance plan you can take advantage of this opportunity and essentially receive naturopathic care for free! This includes nutritional counseling, acupuncture, herbal medicine, Traditional Chinese Medicine and more. Unfortunately Dalhousie students in the faculty of agriculture are not covered under the AIM student VIP plan.

More On Naturopathic Medicine

Naturopathic Doctors are highly trained professionals with 7-8 years of education including extensive training in pathology, physiology, blood test interpretation, herbal medicine, acupuncture, Traditional Chinese Medicine, nutritional counseling and more. A thorough assessment with diagnostic testing, physical examination and a complete history is part of the naturopathic intake and evaluation process. Naturopathic Doctors aim to treat the cause and focus on the individual while using gentle yet effective treatments to restore balance.

Dr. Colin MacLeod ND

Dr. Colin MacLeod ND

Naturopathic Doctor at MacLeod Naturopathic
Dr. Colin is a naturopathic doctor practicing in Upper Tantallon in the Halifax Area. He was born and raised in rural Cape Breton and returned to Nova Scotia to practice after finishing his naturopathic education in Toronto. His practice focuses on pain management and maintaining health through physical activity and diet. He utilizes platelet-rich plasma, neural prolotherapy and acupuncture to keep his patients pain-free so that they can stay physically active, social and healthy.
Dr. Colin MacLeod ND

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