Dr. Colin MacLeod ND

About Dr. MacLeod

Practice Philosophy

Colin is a passionate physician who follows the principles of naturopathic medicine in order to best treat his patients. By combining modern science based therapies and ancient traditional medicine he targets the cause of illness and avoids suppressing symptoms.


He completed 3 years towards a bachelor of science in biology at Saint Mary’s University in Halifax and then attended the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine (CCNM) in Toronto. Colin graduated from the 4 year full-time program at CCNM, an accredited school of Naturopathic Medicine that includes more than 4,500 hours of classroom training and 1,500 hours of supervised clinical experience. After completing his education he returned to Halifax to practice.

Clinical Focus

In his Halifax practice Dr. MacLeod treats a wide range of health conditions but has a special focus in treating pain, injuries and osteoarthritis.

Services Offered

Dr. MacLeod offers naturopathic treatments to his patients including clinical nutrition, lifestyle counselling, acupuncture and herbal medicine. He also offers specialized treatments including intravenous nutrient treatments, intravenous vitamin C, ozone therapy, prolozone, chelation therapy, neural prolotherapy and platelet-rich plasma injections. Read more on services provided.

Continuing Education

Below is a list of Dr. MacLeod’s up-to-date continuing education. He is committed to continually advancing his knowledge and skills in order to best treat his patients.

Integrative Healthcare SymposiumSunita Vohra MD, Hal Blatman MD, Michael Stone MD, Kristi Hughes ND, Mel Borins MD, Penny Kendall-Reed ND, Nigel Plummer PHd, Zindel Segal PHdOctober 2015
Cosmetic Ozone Basic TrainingAdriana Schwartz MDJune 2015
Society of Oxidative and Photonic Medicine Ozone ConferenceAdriana Schwartz MD, Robert Rowen MD, Ahvie Herskowitz MDJune 2015
Methylation & Clinical Nutrigenomics: Part 1Ben Lynch NDJune 2015
Clinical Applications and Advanced Topics of IV Nutrient Therapies in Infectious and Chronic Neurological DiseasesVirginia Osborne ND, Paul Anderson NDOctober 2014
Neural Therapy WorkshopJeff Harris NDSeptember 2014
Constitutional Medicine SeminarEmile Compan NDJune 2014
Ozone Therapy Certification, Prolozone Therapy Phase IFrank Shallenberger MDApril 2014
Neural Prolotherapy Basic & AdvancedJohn Lyftogt MDNovember 2013
Heavy Metal Toxicology: Chelation Therapy Including EDTA, DMPS and Oral Chelation DrugsVirginia Osborne ND, Paul Anderson NDOctober 2013
BiopunctureAnouk Chamont NDAugust 2013
Injection Skills and Techniques CourseDietrich Klinghardt MD, PhdJuly 2013
Koren Specific TechniqueTedd Koren DCApril 2013
Clinical Applications and Advanced Topics of IV Nutrient TherapyVirginia Osborne ND, Paul Anderson NDFebruary 2013
Injection Treatments in Sports MedicineKumar Biswas NDApril 2012
Parenteral I.V. TherapyPaul Saunders NDApril 2011