Knee arthritis pain

Natural Treatments for Arthritis

Osteoarthritis does not have a single cause but has many contributing factors. Mechanical over-use, excess body weight, past injuries and systemic inflammation are all major contributing factors to osteoarthritis. Thankfully effective natural treatment options are available.
Swimmer-athlete. Nutrients

Nutrients For Athletic Performance

For competitive athletes, maximized nutrition, training and rest are essential for performance and health; but perfect nutrient status is rare in athletes.
DNA, Methylation

Methylation & The MTHFR Gene

Methylation is simply the attachment of a methyl group (single carbon, three hydrogen) to another molecule. Although simple, methylation is a critical process for building, maintaining and repairing cells and tissues throughout the body.
Sleep and athletic performance

How Much Sleep Does An Athlete Need?

Nutrition and training are front and centre in the minds of competitive athletes. However sleep is also an essential factor in performance optimization.
Lead (Pb) poisoning

Chelation & Lead Toxicity

Lead toxicity is a common disease which is classically difficult to recognize. Avoidance of lead exposure and treatment of with chelation therapy are important in improving health of the children or adults affected.
Mistletoe: a cancer treatment

Mistletoe: A Natural Cancer Treatment

Mistletoe (Viscum album) extract is a natural, safe and effective adjunct to conventional treatment for many types of cancer. Treatment with mistletoe is not a cure for cancer but helps to improve quality of life and increase survival.
Intravenous vitamin C & cancer

Intravenous Vitamin C & Cancer

Intravenous vitamin C is a supportive treatment for cancer which increases immune activity and improves quality of life. Vitamin C is not a cure for cancer but when given IV in high doses IV doses there is a potential anti-cancer effect.
Weight loss naturally

Natural Weight Loss Solutions

Maintaining a healthy weight can be challenging but is definitely possible with clear goals, a well-constructed plan of action and determination. A goal weight loss of 1-2 pounds per week is safe and fairly easy to attain with a solid plan in place.

3 Little-Known Vitamin D Facts

We get our vitamin D mostly from the sun and it is important for maintaining bone health. Here are 3 lesser-known facts about vitamin D which you probably haven’t heard.